About us

Amigoshop is an internet company focused on the creation and distribution of virtual tours for small business. We provide a brand new technology, developed by us, that works over internet and allows visitors to navigate inside the business as if they were there, with a seamless navigation without clicks (NWC technology).

We also provide the option to add important information about the business, such as a description, opening times and different methods of contact (email, phone, fax number, etc).

With the combination of this brand new technology and detailed information about local businesses, Amigoshop creates a microsite for each business that generates more knowledge and interest whilst being available for free.

Amigoshop also supports the online marketing of small businesses, through the distribution of information to internet users via the business microsite and allowing users to share the virtual tours via social networking and marketing platforms.

Finally, our services include the following:

· Design and Implementing virtual tour websites
· Creating and interactive website that allows internet users to showcase their business
· Implementing virtual tour websites that allow for clever and effective advertising and marketing of products and services
· Internet hosting, management and maintenance of virtual tour websites;
· Creating and hosting micro websites for businesses;
· Hosting, managing, and maintaining of applications, software, and websites